Issue 14
(Spring 2018)

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The Journal of Feminist Scholarship does not charge for the following:

  • Authors to republish or replicate all or parts of their own work in either a non-profit or a for-profit venue. Authors are required to acknowledge the JFS in any republication or reproduction of their work.
  • Authors to republish their work for educational purposes, for example, on an online course site or for use in a classroom setting.
  • The reproduction of copies of the article for personal use.

The Journal of Feminist Scholarship charges copyright permission fees for the following:

  • Republication of material published in this journal in any venue by parties who are not the authors of the material.
  • Photocopying of multiple copies of an article by a party other than the author.

The copyright information above applies to articles published in the Journal of Feminist Scholarship. Persons wishing to reproduce contributions to the section on "Feminism and Feminist Scholarship Today" from Issue 1 (Fall 2011) should contact the individual authors for permission to reproduce their respective works.

Please contact the JFS at for permission and information about fees or if your question about copyright permission has not been answered.

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